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Using Sets for DDNS Update

Using Sets for DDNS Update

Sets are used when you would like to update multiple records at a time with the same IP. Say, you add 'www.yourdomain.com' and 'ftp.yourdomain.com' to 'Set 1', you then use Homing Beacon (or any other compatible software) to update 'Set 1' to, now 'www.yourdomain.com' AND 'ftp.yourdomain.com' are set to

To update a set via our API, change the 'set' value to the Set #:




In Homing Beacon, change the Hostname/Set field to the Set #:




NOTE: Please be sure to not use 'set=1' or 'set 1' in Homing Beacon, this will not work. Be sure to use the formats listed above (ie, '1' or '*1' or '2' or '*2').

NOTE: While using 'hostname=' still works via our API (ie, 'hostname=1' for 'Set 1'), it is deprecated in favor of 'set=1'.

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