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Understanding the Dynamic DNS Update History page

To view your update history go to the “DNS manager”, and select “View Recent DDNS Updates” From here you can see the update history from you program, script, or device.

There are several columbs of information, you may need to copy and paist this infomation into another window if the quick navigation section covers the text. The columbs are described bellow.

Date Stamp: shows the date and time of the update MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS note this is in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

    D: if 1 a domain name was updated
    S: if 1 then a set was updated

Result: this is the code returned
    200: successful, no problems
    402: Premium DNS required, you need to purchase Premium DNS service to update this domain. If you already have Premium DNS service it may not match the domain name www. Should not be included in the domain name.
    422: The hostname supplied is incorrect. Make sure you are using your domain or a Set for the hostname field and not changeip.
URL Query String
    This is the string used to update your ip, please see  DDNS API information to trouble shoot this http://www.changeip.com/accounts/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=34

Detected IP: this is the IP address automatically detected, if you are using a proxy this may be off

SSL: is SSL used or not 0= no 1 = yes

User Agent: This contains information about the client you are using to update your ip, such as Homing Beacon or the Rinker script.

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