Why Us?

Our core business is Dynamic DNS

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ChangeIP.com was started in early 2000 to challenge one of today’s biggest problems. People need a way to serve content using their dynamic IP address. The pace of innovation on the internet these days is amazing. Remember just a few years ago there was no broadband access to the net? ISPs today are handing out a dynamic IP addresses more and more – the DNS infrastructure on the internet needs to be enhanced in order to accommodate dynamic IP assignments. ChangeIP.com was built from the ground up for users that are are assigned dynamic IPs – and we built it to be business class DNS. We will always provide Dynamic DNS as our core business, it means a lot to us.

Best Value Pricing

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The Internet is a great way to provide great services for people at little or no cost. We’re here to provide you a darn good service at a darn good price! When you purchase or transfer a domain we offer a full year of Premium Dynamic DNS for only $6 – that’s the best value you’ll find anywhere!

Business class DNS

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ChangeIP.com is designed for the sole purpose of providing business class DNS to everyone on the internet. Too many Dynamic DNS providers that you’ll find on the internet today are run by hobbyists. Using a package called ‘GnuDIP’ and with some knowledge of SQL databases you can setup one yourself in a few hours. These providers also come and go about as often as you reinstall your operating system. Our backend software is 100% business class to handle today’s DNS needs, and grow into the future. If you are looking for a DNS provider that’s built for business and won’t disappear overnight, then choose ChangeIP.com! Read about our infrastructure further down the page.

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