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What should you look for in a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

And Why you should choose ChangeIP.

Both Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting available:

Some clients specifically need a Linux platform or a Windows platform, because they run applications that require one or the other. There are also clients who prefer one of the two options because they have previous experience with either Linux VPS hosting or Windows VPS hosting; remember, with a virtual private server the client is responsible for administering the server space. A high-quality SSD VPS host will offer both options.

A large variety of packages:

Not all businesses are the same, and not all businesses have the same computing needs. The ideal host will offer a number of packages with different levels of processing power, storage capacity and bandwidth.

An easy-to-use control panel:

Some hosts have “mongrel” control panels that are nearly impossible to figure out and just as difficult to use. You’ll want to spend your time administering your server, not trying to understand how to do it.

Multiple data centers:

Your server should be located where you want it to be (most likely, close to your customer base) and not wherever the guy who runs the company happens to live. The data centers should also be in major population centers, so they’re close to the Internet backbone for optimal speed and performance.

24/7/365 support:

Your website runs all day, all night and all year. Your host should be staffed just as comprehensively to provide support whenever you need it, rather than answering support requests whenever they happen to get into the office.

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Q: Do I really need a VPS?

A: If you’re asking the question, you probably do. The needs of most business websites quickly outstrip the resources available on a shared hosting account, and the increased flexibility and security of a virtual private server allow companies to configure their websites for maximum performance and ROI, at a cost that’s only slightly higher than that of shared hosting.

Q: Are there different levels of storage and processing power available for VPS hosting?

A: Absolutely. Most good hosting providers will offer a number of different packages to choose from.

Q: How hard will it be to administer and run my VPS?

A: Not as difficult as you probably imagine. If you have Linux VPS hosting, you can use a web-based control panel to easily perform most necessary functions, although companies with an IT professional on board will have root access and can work through SSH. If you decide on Windows VPS hosting, most functions are simple to perform via remote desktop access on any Windows PC, with an interface that works almost exactly like any Windows machine. Most providers will offer both Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting. Many also offer “managed” VPS hosting, if you don’t feel comfortable administering your own box.

Q: Why is VPS hosting more secure, if there are still other clients on the same server?

A: It’s easy to upgrade VPS hosting packages if you need more resources, and you can always move to a dedicated server if you grow big enough to need one.

Q: What is the difference between VPS and SSD VPS hosting? Do I need SSD VPS?

A: They’re the same thing, except for the way that data is stored. A traditional VPS (or any hosting setup) will use hard disc drives for storage, as computers have for many years. More modern SSD VPS hosting uses solid-state storage, which is more reliable and faster; some providers will charge a little more for SSD hosting but most won’t. You don’t need it, just as you don’t need power steering in your car. But it will make a big difference in the performance of your server.

Q: Which is better?

A: For most usage, Linux VPS hosting is considered more secure, versatile and stable. Companies that need to run Microsoft applications on their server, or prefer the familiarity of Windows, should use Windows VPS hosting.

Q: What happens if my business website needs outgrow my VPS?

A: Absolutely. Most good hosting providers will offer a number of different packages to choose from.

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