Creating a Subdomain

Creating Subdomains

You can create subdomains for any domain you own. For example: If you currently have '' registered with us, you can create subdomains such as: '', '', etc.

In order to add a subdomain, follow these directions:

From the main ChangeIP website:

  • Select the Services menu (at the top), click 'DNS Manager'
  • Click 'Order Now' (at the bottom)
  • Click 'Add Domain' (near the bottom)
  • In the 'Domain' field, enter the fully qualified domain you would like to manage (ie, "")
  • Click Checkout and then 'Complete Order'

Note: You will not be charged for DNS Manager orders.

Now you can click on 'DNS Manager' in the Quicknav (on the right-side of the screen) and manage your subdomain from there.

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