I didn't sign up for an account or service with ChangeIP

Did you receive a welcome email or an account verification email from ChangeIP that you weren't expecting? Be assured, we did not sign you up. It’s possible, however, some fraudster on the Internet has.

So what is happening?

Fraudsters use compromised email accounts to sign up for services register products. They might access your email account, follow links for email verification, and clean up their tracks without you even knowing.

What can you do about this?

If you’re certain you didn’t intend to request service from us, It is quite possible that your email address and password may be compromised. You may want to change the account password of your email account as a first step.

You can then terminate the ChangeIP account associated with your email address. You can do this one of two ways.

  1. Email us at support@changeip.com from the associated email account and ask to terminate the account.
  2. Reset the account password by following this PASSWORD RESET LINK. After resetting the login, login to the client area, submit a support ticket requesting to terminate the account.

Our staff will handle the rest once we receive your request.


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