Bulk Changes to Domain Registration Details

How do you make bulk changes to your registered domains?

In order to make bulk changes to your registered domains, follow these steps:
  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on "My Domain Registrations" menu option
  3. If you want to apply the change to ALL of your domains:
    -In the bottom right-hand corner, click the word "All" after "Show:" to enable showing all your domains (if necessary)
    -Towards the top left-hand corner, click the check box that is part of the header, directly left of "Registration Date"
  4. If you want to apply the change to SOME of your domains but not all:
    -Select the domains for which you wish to make a change
  5. Now, in the bottom left-hand corner, change the "Bulk Management Actions" dropdown to the appropriate action you desire and click "Go"
  6. On the following page, it should list all of your domains and the options you have relevant to the action you desire; select the appropriate action and you're finished
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