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URL Redirections

URL redirection allows for you to have a domain/URL point or redirect to another domain. For example, going to ddns.info could redirect you to changeip.com.

URL Redirections

  • Hostname
    • Source hostname
  • URL
    • Must be a full URL
      • Valid:
        • http://www.google.com
        • http://foo.com:8080
      • Invalid:
        • www.google.com
        • google.com
  • URL Method
    • Redirect: Issues a 301 Redirect. No banners, and is 'instant'. This feature is only available to paying customers on their own domains.
    • Refresh: Uses META REFRESH. Premium users will redirect imediatly. But free users will be redirected after a 5 seccond delay.
    • Iframe: A Changeip.com banner will be placed at the bottom of the page, then the page is loaded in the frame above the banner within an Iframe.

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