Configuring Thunderbird for ChangeIP Hosted Email

Mac - Go to Tools -> Account Settings
Linux - Go to Edit -> Account Settings
Windows - Go to Tools -> Account Settings

Click on "Create new account." You should see the following:
Screen Shot
  • Your name:       Enter Your Name
  • Email Address: Full email address (user@yourdomain.tld)
  • Password:         Your Password

Click "Continue," it will begin scanning, just click "Manual Config" to stop it.  You should see the following:
Screen shot
  • Incoming:
    • IMAP - - 993 - SSL/TLS - Normal Password
    • OR
    • POP3 - - 995 - SSL/TLS - Normal Password
  • Outgoing:
    • SMTP - - 587 - STARTTLS - Normal Password
  • Username:
    • user@domain.tld

Click "Done"
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