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Order in "Pending"

Oftentimes we hear these questions from our customers.

"My order is Pending!"
"I already paid, why is my order still Pending?"

If you see that your order is in Pending status, it does not mean that there is a problem, nessacarily. This could be that our Billing department is behind on reviewing orders, or that we have had a very large influx of orders, and we haven't been able to get through them all yet. Sometimes, it does mean there is a problem.

Should I be worried?

The only time you should be worried is if your order is in Pending for over 24 hours and the service you paid for is still not working. If this is the case, we likely will be reaching out to you shortly to fix whatever error there may be, but you are welcome to submit a helpdesk ticket to expedite  the process.

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