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Domain Registration EMail Forwarding

Email Forwarding during Domain Registration 

Domain Registration Email Forwarding is available for third-level registrations only (example: third-level.second-level.com). Domain Registration Email Forwarding is not available for second-level domains. Domain Registration Email Forwarding can only be added at time of registration. When you purchase a third-level domain, you can also include an existing email address to which email sent to the .NAME domain will be forwarded. The email address associated with a third-level domain is created based on the domain name. Depending on the domain name, the forwarding email address will be structured according to one of the following examples:
  • firstname@lastname.name for a domain like firstnamelastname.name

  • lastname@firstname.name for a domain like lastnamefirstname.name

Note: There is an additional cost for the email forwarding feature.

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