Store & Forward Explained

Store & Forward Explained
This article explains some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) we get regarding the 2.0 Store & Forward offering.
  • What is Store & Forward?
    • Store & Forward  is a mail queueing system. Our server accepts mail destined for your domain. If we cannot deliver it to your mail server (say your mail server is offline for maintenance or your internet is down), we will queue all incoming messages until your server is back up or the length of time listed below expires. We also perform SPAM filtering on our Store & Forward services.

  • How long will you queue my mail for me?
    • Our current queue lifetime is 5 days. This gives your server time to recover from its outage and ensure mail delivery is not missed!

  • Can I order Store & Forward services without registering a domain with
    • We provide low cost domain transfers to assist clients desiring this service, however we are unable to offer any email services for domains not registered with

  • Do you forward to custom ports on my mail server?
    • No. Only port 25 is allowed.

  • How do you configure the servers

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