Free or Premium DDNS

Free or Premium DDNS

We offer two DDNS services -

  • Free DDNS, using our domains with up to 7 subdomains
  • Premium DDNS, using a domain you purchase or transfer to us, and unlimited subdomains.
Note - Free DDNS uses domains while Premium uses your own domain.  There is not an option for using Premium with free domains.

Both Free and Premium offer:
  • Full featured Dynamic DNS is included
  • Unlimited URL redirection is included
  • Get shorter web and email addresses
  • Choose to cloak or redirect
  • Port redirection capability
  • Search engine friendly
  • Customize meta tags

Why choose Premium?  (Currently at the special price of $6/yr)

  • Is all of the administration logistics and shenanigans of juggling 7 subdomains worth $6? 
  • The infrastructure running premium domains is more redundant and reliable.  Is this worth $6? 
  • We offer only 'best effort' support to free accounts, but priority support to premium clients.  Is this worth $6?  

Each client should make their own determination and decide if they require Free or Premium DDNS.  

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