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Using DDNS but with DNS Hosted elsewhere

"Does your DNS Hosting service allow us to use our own domain, with DNS records hosted elsewhere, for DNS addressing?"

We support this if you delegate a portion of your domain to our nameservers, then purchase Paid DNS Hosting.

For example, suppose you have mydomainhostedelsewhere.com, but you want myhouse.mydomainhostedelsewhere.com to resolve to a dynamic address using our Premium DDNS service.  To accomplish this, please purchase Paid DNS Hosting service for 'myhouse.mydomainhostedelsewhere.com'.  Then, with your existing domain hosting company, add the delegation records for myhouse.mydomainhostedelsewhere.com to point to ns1.changeip.com to ns7.changeip.com.  Using BIND style zone records, this would look something like this:

myhouse.mydomainhostedelsewhere.com. IN NS ns1.changeip.com.
myhouse.mydomainhostedelsewhere.com. IN NS ns2.changeip.com.
myhouse.mydomainhostedelsewhere.com. IN NS ns3.changeip.com.
myhouse.mydomainhostedelsewhere.com. IN NS ns4.changeip.com.
myhouse.mydomainhostedelsewhere.com. IN NS ns5.changeip.com.
myhouse.mydomainhostedelsewhere.com. IN NS ns6.changeip.com.
myhouse.mydomainhostedelsewhere.com. IN NS ns7.changeip.com.

This will mean that myhouse.mydomainhostedelsewhere.com and all hostname and subdomain records at a high level will resolve via the changeip.com name servers (i.e., mypool.at.myhouse.mydomainhostedelsewhere.com will be resolved via the changeip.com name servers.)

We would only be able to assist with issues which are directly related to the ChangeIP DNS, DDNS and account settings, we could not assist with configurations or settings at the existing domain hosting company.

For a simpler solution consider transfering the domain to ChangeIP where DNS and DDNS configurtions will be in one place.

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