Adding a Forward Address

Adding a Forwarding Address
This article addresses adding a forwarding address on you email account. If you would like your entire domain forwarded, please open a support ticket.

  • Login to webmail ( as the user you wish to forward
  • Click 'Preferences' (top menu bar)
  • Click 'Mail' in the left 'Preferences' Menu
  • Under the 'Receiving Mail' heading:
    • Enter the address you would like to forward to in the 'Forward a copy to:' box.
    • Check the 'Don't keep a local copy of messages' if you would like mail for this account to not remain on our servers
    • Click 'Save' in the top-left
Now all email going to the address you logged into webmail as will be forwarded to the destination address you entered.

NOTE: If the destination email address's mail server is down, your mail will be queued on our servers for a certain amount of time before failing. However, this is dependent on the destination system being properly configured (DNS, MX records, etc).

also see Store and Forward FAQ

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