What is Dynamic DNS?

Internet GPS explained.

Dynamic DNS is like having a personal GPS for your ever-moving website or computer. You see, in the vast online wilderness, things don’t always stay put. Your home internet connection, for instance, might do a little dance now and then, changing its IP address like a quick-change artist.

Now, here’s where the magic of Dynamic DNS (Domain Name System) comes into play. It’s like having a trusty sidekick that constantly updates the address book of the internet. So, when your home base does the IP address shuffle, Dynamic DNS swoops in, updates your domain name to match, and ensures that folks can always find you, no matter where your digital adventures take you.

Finding ChangeiP meant that I could have the reliability, speed, and privacy needed to run a learning management system and e-commerce platform on my website. I may not have a huge team yet, but I am proud to have ChangeiP as one of my secret weapons! I am happy to have more time to focus on the front side of my business knowing that ChangeiP has my backside.
Jennifer Donaldson / Founder and Educator at Tailor Joy, LLC

Additional Goodies

Easy Setup

Easily connect other ChangeIP products or 3rd party services, social media within minutes.

Domain Lock

Domain lock prevents unauthorized transfer of your domain.

24/7 Customer Support

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Additional Subdomains

Add subdomains to your domain. Have a store? Not a problem. Easily direct traffic to store.yourawesomedomain.com.


Ever wonder what that little lock icon is next to a URL? That tells visitors that you have an SSL certificate in place. Google loves this and helps your rankings. Don’t have one and Google banishes you into the Netherealm.