Why Choose a .com extension?

The .com extension is the most recognized domain in the world. It’s no wonder why every Fortune 500 company uses it to enhance their brand. Reliable and trustworthy, .com is the perfect extension for your online store. Add SSL to accept credits cards and watch your business grow.


Why choose a .org extension?

The .org extension is the perfect extension for non-profits, charitable groups, community groups, environmental causes, fundraising and associations. The .org extension tells the world that you have a mission. Go forth and be a force for good!


Why choose a .net extension?

Nothing says credibility like the .net extension. It’s been around since the dawn of the internet. Is it old and stuffy? Nope. Over 13 million .net domains are registered around the globe.

So you want to be different?

We get it and we’ve got you covered. Register a TLD (Top-Level Domains) as unique as you are.


Think of .ai as the domain for tech-savvy brains that dream in algorithms, while .tv is the red carpet for your online content,perfect for all the aspiring YouTube stars.


Meanwhile, .cloud floats above the digital heavens, where data raindrops fall gracefully like glitter from a unicorn horn. Looking for the perfect spot for your online masterpiece? .site is the blank canvas waiting for your creative strokes.


With TLDs, your website’s address isn’t just an address— it’s a statement! So, go ahead and pick the TLD that best suits your online adventure and let your web presence shine like a disco ball in cyberspace!

Looking to transfer your awesome domain?

So, you love your domain, built your brand, but aren’t happy with your current provider? Not a problem. We do that too.


Get your code

If you domain has been registered for at least 60 days, verify your domain is unlocked and transferable. Get an authorization code from your provider.


Set up your ChangeiP Account

Hit the transfer button below and we’ll walk you through the next steps.


Confirm Transfer

Finalize your transfer with one click on an email verification you will receive.

Finding ChangeiP meant that I could have the reliability, speed, and privacy needed to run a learning management system and e-commerce platform on my website. I may not have a huge team yet, but I am proud to have ChangeiP as one of my secret weapons! I am happy to have more time to focus on the front side of my business knowing that ChangeiP has my backside.
Jennifer Donaldson / Founder and Educator at Tailor Joy, LLC

Additional Goodies

Easy Setup

Easily connect other ChangeIP products or 3rd party services, social media within minutes.

Domain Lock

Domain lock prevents unauthorized transfer of your domain.

24/7 Customer Support

Have questions regarding any of our products or services? We’re here for you, just login to open a ticket.

Additional Subdomains

Add subdomains to your domain. Have a store? Not a problem. Easily direct traffic to store.yourawesomedomain.com.


Ever wonder what that little lock icon is next to a URL? That tells visitors that you have an SSL certificate in place. Google loves this and helps your rankings. Don’t have one and Google banishes you into the Netherealm.