Managing DDNS and DNS Hosting with "DNS Manager"

Managing DDNS & DNS Hosting with "DNS Manager"

"DNS Manager" is used to manage your DDNS services and Domains.

You can find the DNS Manager in the Quick Navigation bar which is located on the right-hand side after logging into your account on the ChangeIP website.

The DNS Manager allows you to:

  • View Recent DDNS Updates
  • Change Offline URL
  • See a detailed list of all your Domains (Free and Paid)
  • Manage each individual domain
    • Add records, delete domain, and utilize Set 1 and Set 2
  • Add your own domain to your DNS Manager (Paid DNS Hosting)
  • Add a free domain to your DNS Manager (Free DNS Hosting)
  • Check availability and Register or Transfer a domain

If after reviewing this section of your account you are unable to find what you are looking for please submit a Support Ticket by choosing ‘Submit Ticket’ from the Quick Navigation Bar. If you need further information regarding DNS Record Types or Using Sets for DDNS Updates we recommend reviewing our knowledge base articles for further informational material on the subject.
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